New video – Heartbeats

I’ve edited and uploaded a video for one of my songs from my album – Heartbeats

Check it out

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Sheet music

Just wanted to write a quick word since i get asked this a lot. Right now the only song that has sheets is “Into The Dark”. Due to school i don’t have time right now to do any notations of any other song. If any notations gets done, by me or someone else, I’ll be sure to include it under my “My Music” page and make a update about it on my facebook fan page and my homepage!

All the best,

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New homepage software and updates

Hello wordpress 3!
I decided to start looking for new software for my homepage and saw that wordpress 3 was released today. So it was a quick decision to dump the massive bloatware that is Movable type (seriously, don’t ever host your website/blog on that software. It’s hideous) and go for the albeit bland, standard wordpress installation. I’m looking at other hosting solutions, since i want to have a nice looking home besides my youtube page when i start promoting my album.

I’m in recording mode on my album, but since i haven’t set a deadline for myself, I’m aiming at pleasing myself with the quality of my work, which i hope will mean that everyone else will be very pleased by it. Since i have ridiculously high standards on myself, the process is slow, but i think it’s better to take more time making it the best i manage than pushing out something with no hearth, just for the sake of getting something out.

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My new site

I have exciting things coming up in the near future!
I have been very quiet for about a year now. The success of my song on youtube blew away any expectations I had before I posted it. I never did anything to promote it, a lot of comments came in (thanks for all of them, I read them all), subsequently views came in and the song rose beyond my wildest dreams. I do believe I have one of the most popular piano songs (looking at comments, views and  recurring unique viewers) that’s completely original content on youtube. All the lovely comments has kept me motivated through my writing process.

So I have been busy trying to produce more. Very busy actually, and in the midst of that I got an opportunity to write film music for Brett Drivers first bigger feature film (the guy that made the movie Gilded Feathers to my song) and I’ve spent a lot of time preparing for that too. There’s a trailer coming up that i believe is going to look awesome, stay tuned for that

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