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I’m into all sorts of music, everything from Progressive-rock to obscure genres like Zydeco and 90’s revival Swing. But i got into solo piano music through the occasional piano piece in movies, not unlike most people I’d assume. From there i started to listen to Phillip Glass and loved his straightforward approach to piano, simple and beautiful. From there i found Clint Mansell, Ludovico Einaudi, Peter Kater, Yann Tiersen. But after that it felt like the solo piano well got dry.
It got harder to find the kind of piano music i liked. Darker, serious, non-virtuoso playing seemed to be very narrow in the solo piano genre where most composers seemed to make super-happy-major “plinky” piano music with the occasional string sample under it.
So i decided to start writing the music i like for myself, which took me on a trip through the darker allies of my soul and my being. My album ‘Piano’ is the result of two years of labor of love, hate, anxiety, doubt and self-reflection.
I hope that everyone that listens to it feels the album all the way through, since the albums structure is not unlike classical movies. With a story that goes from lower darker places up to a happy ending.
All the best,
Sebastian Larsson

Sebastian Larsson – Piano

Listen to my album below.
Also available on iTunes [Click here] and Bandcamp, Cdbaby, Spotify, Amazon (MP3), Amazon (CD), eMusic, 7Digital, Amazon(japan) and many more

My album is featured in Bader Al-homoud’s short movie Monopoly with over 1.6 million views on youtube


My own video for Into The Dark with over 3 million views on Youtube

Thanks to Brett Driver for this beautiful video to Into The Dark!

Video for Heartbeats

50 Responses to My music

  1. raul reyes says:

    hi one question do you send your music in format midi??

  2. Austin says:

    I was wondering if you have “Across The Night Sky” PDF sheet music?

  3. Niki says:

    Hey Mr Larsson,
    I know you probably aren’t going to read this but hey, it’s worth a try.
    I’m a big fan of yours. I think that all of what you compose is truly inspirational, dark(I like dark music more than happy ones too!:) and severely underrated. You should get more people to view this talent of yours! I think that it is so awesome that you can compose actual, real, awesome sounding music while I can’t compose a whit. I love all of your songs, but Into The Dark is a particular gem. I find it truly amazing that you can handle being a footballer as well as a composer…and I wish you good luck on the journey called life.

  4. George Torchinava says:

    It the best music.Me too composer Sebastian!If you want listen my music ,write my name in YouTube,i really want to have your view about that.Thank you!You and Yann Tersen the best

  5. Jack says:

    I finally found something that understand the melancholy and emptiness to a piano. I love your pieces, man. Keep up the good work.

  6. jacob says:

    i loooooooooove your music i just wish i could find sheet music for a sad piano song or heartbeats. keep composing new songs i love them!

  7. Strange Matter says:

    Hello Sebastion. I want to thankyou, your music has been the source of many great ideas of mine. I first heard your music 3 or so years ago, the song was into the dark, after i heard it i searched for hours trying to find sheet music for it. When i found it i sat down and for 2 days all i played was your song, during the time i was going through a huge loss in my life. ive waited along time to hear these new songs you have, i love them. Now just like last time im going through more pain, and your music is here, yet agian, to help me through it. I will will be buying all your songs and learning them all as the sheet music comes out. Thankyou so much for the help even though you not know me, or will ever meet me, you have played a large role in my life. I feel your music, when i play, when i listin, it’s how i feel and the feelings i want to have. I hear sadness, joy, darkness, love, pain, anger, regret, many more, but most imporatnly i hear hope, a chance for a new life for things to be better than how they are now. Thankyou for helping me find my hope

  8. Strange Matter says:

    Hello Sebastion,

  9. Nikki Sewter says:

    This is truley incredible. I play piano myself and playing your songs just really calm me inside. Amazing composition, gives me goosebumps!

  10. NaiF says:

    Of the most beautiful music, which I heard my life
    thank you mr sebastian larsson

  11. Valora says:

    this is just beautiful…it takes a lot for a piece of music to move me to tears, but your album, Piano, did just that…’s stunning…. absolutely stunning

  12. Albert says:

    Do you have sheet music for “Across the night sky”?

  13. Alvaro says:

    Awesome, where can i download the sheet of the This empty castle, i want the sheet of this song, you music is beatiful.

    • sebbalarsson says:

      I have to check into this, right now i don’t have a lot of free time and i’m not that fast at writing notation so i’ll see what i can do. I’ll get back to you!

  14. Hanna says:

    Where can i download the sheet of the ,,This empty castle”?

  15. daniel says:

    i was wondering if you can send me the piano sheet for this? please? i really really want to learn it
    my email adress is

  16. becca anne says:

    really love your music!!

  17. this is the best sad piano song i had heard ever!!!!! then is so simple to play
    i hope you will come to compose more music!
    i love it 🙂
    please send me an a mail when you have composed more music.

  18. Jeremie says:

    Hello Sebastian! Im coming from Quebec, Canada and I am in love with your songs. But I cant buy them on because im in Canada and i want to buy some then can you give another place where i can found your music for my Ipod^

    Thanks a lot

    P.S: sorry if my english his pretty bad, my maternal language is the french!

  19. Hannah says:

    Hello there. I listened to your song a while ago and I fell in love with it instantly and I was wondering what your inspiration for it was.. I think that every piece of music tells it’s own story, and was wondering what the one for this piece was?
    This song in particular reminds me of a difficult and depressing relationship of one who is in a one-sided love. Thought I’d ask. :]

  20. boy says:

    i really really love “into the dark ”
    it’s a perfect song
    great melody…
    it make me wanna cry everytime i hear it
    thank for your great song that make me happy

  21. Raven says:

    Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I have fallen madly in love with your music. I sure you hear that a lot, but I wanted to tell you that your music inspires me. The first time I heard “Into the darkness (A Sad Piano Song)” I was actually moved to tears. It may sound silly, but I do believe it has become one of my absolute favorite piano pieces. Thank you for creating such beauty. I hop e that you create more in the future.

  22. Max says:

    Amazing….this is the magic of the music. How a few chords can turn ordinary life into an extraordinary experience. You make it real. Thanks

  23. federica says:

    u got talent!!!i love ur songs, so sad and beautiful!!

  24. ulonie pina says:

    your music is wonderful, you are my inspration for piano

  25. Kevin says:

    beautiful beautiful composition.. it’s wonderful. simple and raw would be best how i’d describe it. 🙂

  26. becky says:

    Your music saved my life x

  27. Hello Sebastian. I was on Youtube and I typed in a sad piano song and low and behold your song popped up first. I am really pleased with your song. I was wondering if it would be possible to email the notes or send a copy either printable or in the mail.

  28. Juli says:

    Can somebody send me the sheet for piano please??

  29. Scot says:

    Thanks a lot I hope it will simple…. I’m not too good….. Bye!!!!!!!!!

  30. Scot says:

    Hi sebastian. you’re really good… I study piano so I’d like to study “Into the dark (a sad piano song)”. May you write here the score of that song please? Maybe there is but I’m not English so I don’t understand every wors sorry…. please write it than…

  31. Chloey says:

    This is beautiful! It actually helped me when I was writing my book and I got stuck on one scene. After listening to this, I wrote 10x better.
    If my book ever becomes popular, and they make a movie, I really want this song in it(:

  32. descreat says:

    can you send me the sheet music? I luv this song it’s beautiful

  33. jeremy says:

    This is very good song and really touched my heart, if you have any more songs like this please let me know. I would like to know if you have your own CD ?

    • I’m currently working on a CD that I’m getting very satisfied by. If you like Into to the dark you’re definitely going to like it i think, i’m very pleased so far. ETA is soon, no set date yet though.

  34. Brianna says:

    This song is beautiful. I really want to learn how to play it. Could you send me the music please?

  35. Brandon says:

    i love this so much. can you please, please, please put a tutorial on how to play this up

  36. jon says:

    please put a tutorial on how to play it please

  37. Julie says:

    Is it possible to get the sheet music of that piece? PLEASE????!!!! It’s great and for that I’m going to start playing the piano again 🙂

  38. terence says:

    really loved it. excellent job.
    maybe post a tutorial on how to play this song 🙂

    posted in my blog! hope you dun mind! sharing with my friends

  39. crimish says:

    do you have a piano sheet for this? 🙂

  40. miko says:

    how can i download the song??

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