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Into The Dark

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Into The Dark sheets in PDF: [Click Here]

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  1. Iga says:

    Please could I have the sheet music for Heart Beasts. (Cringe alert). Playing on the piano is the only thing that… let’s me express myself? Makes me feel peaceful? I don’t know how to phrase this without it sounding weird. Heart Beats and Into The Dark somehow connect with me. I live for the moment when I can be by myself and play Into The Dark on a real piano. And I would love to learn Heart Beats for the same reason. Thanks, and sorry for the cheesiness.

  2. Zarathiel says:

    Si llegas a leer esto alguna vez, quisiera decirte que tienes un enorme talento que podrías explotar… En verdad me gustaría conseguir las partituras (sheets) de “This empty castle”; pero reconozco que tu esfuerzo no debería ser desperdiciado, así que podrías vender la descarga de tus partituras. Al escuchar tus composiciones recordé el juego Deemo (aplicación para Android/iOS) en el cual se juega a tocar el piano, pero nos deja con ganas de tocar esas canciones en un piano de verdad (y no hay cómo conseguir las partituras)… Si tuvieras la oportunidad de invertir, se me ocurre que podrías aliarte con un desarrollador de aplicaciones para hacer un juego igual, pero que además de vender algunas canciones dentro de la aplicación vendieras también las partituras (que se descargaran en el smartphone o tablet desde la app)… Sé que es mucho más fácil decirlo que hacerlo, pero hablo con sinceridad cuando digo (y repito) que TIENES UN ENORME TALENTO Y UN GRAN POTENCIAL… Si algún día desarrollas algo así o decides vender la descarga de tus partituras, avísame, que seré de tus primeras clientas.

    Si sigues aquí y lees esto no lo ignores por favor, observa que todos están pidiendo más de tí… Tu trabajo le ha gustado a muchos pero necesitas esforzarte más para que esto funcione. Al menos ya tienes más de 1600 “likes” en esta página, miles de reproducciones en los videos que se han hecho con tus canciones y cientos de likes en dichos videos (que, por cierto, ni siquiera son de tu canal)… Imagina si tú mismo promocionaras tu trabajo…

    P.S: Sorry the Spanish, I don’t know English.

  3. Kaku says:

    Great work!
    The use of 8va and key signatures would be much appreciated. It’ll make the music so much easier to read.
    Thank you <3

    Also please publish the sheet music to the other pieces!!

  4. hunter says:

    this was a really fun song to learn

  5. Michelle Aranda says:

    Hi Sebastian, i’m a chilean fan of ” Into the dark” I really love this song and its so inspiring. Congratulations and good luck.


  6. Sarah Bloch Jensen says:

    Hi Sebastian-

    I´m a huge fan of your music and would absolutely love to be able to try to play your fantastic piece “This empty Castle”- could you help me find it some how- I´m a beginner at playing the piano so if you have to not to complicated version it would be great ?

    Thank you so much- look forward to hesring from you.

    Best regards, SARAH 🙂

  7. Sarah Bloch Jensen says:

    Hi Sebastian-

    I´m a huge fan of your music and would absolutely love to be able to try to play your fantastic piece “This empty Castle”- could you help me find it some how- I´m a beginner at playing the piano so if you have to not to complicated version it would be great ?

    Thank you so much- look forward to hesring from you.

    Best regards, SARAH 🙂

  8. David Martin says:

    I’d love to see sheet music for this burning castle. That’d make my year

  9. Sheikh Insanally says:

    you are one of my favorite pianist.. the feelings that you portray through the piano is amazing


  10. Steven Hayes says:

    Sebastian I’ve been playing piano for the past 2 1/2 years and I’m only 16 and into the dark was the first song I learned and can now play it from memory and I always do. But I really want to learn Heartbeats more than anything but I can’t play music by ear 🙁 can you please make the sheet music?
    Thank you

  11. Launcher51 says:

    You are so inspirational, I don’t get tired of listening to your songs, please upload the sheet from waves too

  12. Lucas says:

    Please Sebastian! Just Upload any sheet!

  13. Med Kh says:

    empty castle music sheet!!! please! don’t do it to me man! I can’t play it with my ears!

  14. Launcher51 says:

    Just wanted to comment to tell you how you inspires me, your music is just amazing, sad, dark, and full of deep emotions, and now I can play Into the dark, Into the unknown, Empty piano and This empty castle, and now I want to learn Hearbeats, but I’m having trouble about learning that one by ear, and I can only play it halfway, so it would be very appreciated if you could put up the sheet music from Heartbeats

  15. jasper says:

    Can you please put put the sheet music of heartbeats on this website i love your work.

  16. YZ(I'm not giving you anything more than my initials) says:

    Hi Sebsatian,
    I’m learning Into The Dark and I would love sheets for This Empty Castle

    Keep up the good work


  17. Nina Haynes says:


    I love your song Heartbeats – my friend walked down the aisle to it at her wedding and I couldn’t believe what a beautiful, sensual piece of music it was. Any idea when sheet music for it might be available?

  18. Chrystal says:

    I am only 15 years old but i love your work i have been playing the piano for 2 years now and im loveing it. I sometimes get mad because my house no longer feels like a home to me i feel like a stranger in my own home. Yet when i listen to your music i somehow feel like i can do anything i am just a piano waiting to get played (hopeful someone gets this) i am so excited i can play this song hopefully when i perfect your music i will post it on youtube i love piano and its thanks to you.

  19. Henrique says:

    congrats sebastian i heard some of your songs and was great, keep going 🙂

  20. Chris Reyes says:

    wow what can i say .. i love your songs man.. im planing to be a composer in the future also ur music inspired me bro keep it up

  21. Karen :) says:

    Hello Sebastian!
    Your piano music is very sad and beautiful! I really love this kind of piano music 🙂 It’s just what I’m looking for.
    I’m just about to learn “Into The Dark” which was the first of your song I heard! I know many people already have asked about the same thing, but it could be really wonderful if you could make the sheets of “This Empty Castle”
    It could be really nice if you could write back ^^
    Warmest Greetings from Karen!
    And sorry if my english isn’t that good 🙂

    • YZ(I'm not giving you anything more than my initials) says:

      Everyone wants sheet music for This Empty Castle including me. lol

  22. Blackmoon187 says:

    these songs are sad and finely played with time and emotion to set in. I would love to learn to play stuff like this but mostly ‘the empty castle’ and ‘into the dark’. like to find the sheet music for it

  23. Brandon says:

    I am a great fan of your work and looking forward to the sheet music for ‘This Empty Castle.’ Thanks!

  24. Peng says:

    I am your admire but why not this empty castle’s piano sheet? Could you hlep me write.please.

  25. Peng says:

    Why no have ‘this empty castle’ piano sheet

  26. LucasS says:

    I love you work and im not the greatest piano player but my goal is to learn as many of your songs as i can. I already learned Into The Dark and i love it. I really want to learn Waves next. it would be extremely appreciated if you could maybe write out the sheet music. its nowhere else on the internet. whenever you have spare time of course. Much appreciated. Keep up the incredible work my friend

  27. Kiersten Stevens says:

    Hi Sebastian! I am a huge fan of your music and I am having troubles finding the sheet music for your song “Heart Beats.” I love to play your songs on my own, especially ‘Into the Dark”, and I would love to learn Heart Beats! It would mean quite a lot to me if you could send me the sheet music for it.
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Thanks a bunch 🙂

    • sebbalarsson says:

      Thank you! Right now i have lots of uni work, so i don’t think i’ll have any time to do proper sheets for any new songs. Heartbeats might be the hardest one to notate, but i might do a instructional video laying out the fundamentals of it so people can learn it easier! I’ll get back to you if i have any progress

      • Kiersten Stevens says:

        Thank you very much, I Iook forward to it!

      • Peng says:

        Mr.sebastian larsson can you post ‘this empty castle’ piano sheet.please I need your help.

      • Austin says:

        If you find the time i can’t seem to find “Across the night sky” sheet music anywhere, it would be really helpful if you could put up sheets for this or a midi file.

  28. cam says:

    hi Sebastian, I was wondering If i could have the sheet music for heart beats. I can play into the dark, Love it! Many thanks,

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